Superior Food Solutions coming from multi-functional corn & oat fiber

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Allergen Free

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The AgriFiber mission strives to help our customer’s products reach their peak functional potential while maintaining the highest levels of flavor, quality and consistency.



AgriFiber’s high performance corn and oat fiber solutions have optimized and innovated food products for many progressive food companies in the world. Our applications support fresh, frozen and shelf stable food products, and cover a spectrum from proteins and plant-based proteins to sauces and baking. Visit our application center and view our wide range of products where we can offer assistance and technical support.



Our team members at AgriFiber await you. Please click below to navigate through our companies’ departments and resources. We look forward to being of assistance and meeting your needs.


The AgriFiber Innovation and Development team will provide unique insight into the challenges and development needs of our customers. Our product solutions bring cost savings and numerous performance benefits in so many sweet and savory food applications. The goal at AgriFiber is to work closely with our partners in identifying problems, providing solutions, and creating a roadmap to success.



The AgriFiber library is your resource to request a product case study, regulatory documentation including specifications, ingredient statements and certifications.