Three bowls of AgriFiber MFO, MFC, and BFG products

The AgriFiber Advantage

Replace less desirable ingredients with one of our natural fibers or a unique blend customized for your products. That’s the AgriFiber Advantage.

Our process
We remove nutritious residual materials from agricultural waste streams. Better for consumers, better for the environment.
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Our patented technology purifies and extracts usable fibers. They’re functional, versatile, and provide extremely high fiber content.
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These soluble and insoluble fibers are ready for your product, replacing undesirable ingredients with a healthy, clean label solution
You know what your competitors use. That’s exactly why you should use something better.
Healthy and sustainable
Our exact technology is a trade secret but our reasons for doing it aren’t: by diverting these materials from the waste stream, our manufacturing processes minimize water and energy consumption while reducing and in some cases replacing undesirable ingredients with healthier, sustainable alternatives.
Flexible and efficient
Our experts can also sit down with your team to understand what you need and design a solution unique to your products using custom blends of our fibers.
The proof is in the products
We have helped companies make a tastier (but less costly) meatball, radically improved a breakfast bar’s shelf life, and created a bread that lasted longer and microwaved better. Because we don’t just deliver fibers—we solve problems.
AgriFiber’s Advantage over other ingredient companies can be your edge over the competition.
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Reach out to request a sample, get technical info, and begin our collaboration.

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