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Are your fibers healthy?
Big time. Let’s start here: 95% of Americans need more fiber in their diet. In fact, most people are only getting half of the recommended amount but don’t know where to get it. AgriFiber adds the real, healthy fiber your consumers need to your products.
But why does fiber matter?
Fibers help to support a heart healthy diet, stabilize sugar and fat metabolism, and enhance digestive wellness. They’re also a big part of maintaining a healthy weight.
Is that all AgriFiber does to help our products become more healthy?
Nope. AgriFiber also has a low FODMAP profile, low glycemic index, and can be used in gluten-free, low calorie, and ketogenic products.
And consumers tolerate them?
They tolerate them much better than commonly used ingredients. AgriFiber’s slowly fermented soluble fibers can help achieve favorable changes to the gut microbiome without uncomfortable side effects. And the prebiotic benefits...
Wait, what does prebiotic mean?
It means a lot of good things for gut health. And gut health means a lot of good things for overall physical and mental health. AgriFiber SFC—our Soluble Fiber Corn—feeds good stomach bugs like Bifidobacterium longum, which is linked to exceptional tolerance and supports disease management.
Okay, so where do your fibers come from?
Our patented purification and extraction technology allows us to uniquely upcycle natural materials that would otherwise become food waste. So something amazing comes from something that would otherwise be thrown away.
But where do they really come from?
They come from locally and responsibly sourced agricultural residuals, never shipped from overseas. We help local producers and processors help you.
Is that good?
Definitely. Almost all of the world’s agricultural food supply is wasted. We’re working to change that by purifying and extracting usable fibers and creating a more sustainable food supply.
What else are you doing for the environment?
We’re getting close to being zero waste and carbon neutral in our manufacturing process, reducing water and energy consumption wherever we can.
But is that all?
Well, we should point out that by upcycling natural, already grown fibers we avoid having to plant new seeds, irrigate, and use fertilizers and pesticides to grow new crops. We’re bringing something amazing to the food supply with something that’s already there.
So it’s a miracle?
Not even close. It’s only good science and food industry expertise.
What can AgriFiber do for my products?
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