AgriFiber's Multi Functional Corn Fiber is a patented solution developed by our team to achieve peerless water holding ability while assisting in flavor stabilization, emulsification, textural enhancement and yield optimization. Our MFC has also been a key component in eliminating other artificial and functional ingredients. MFC has proven to also reduce the quantity of fats and high caloric ingredients which improves your finished product nutritional statement. MFC is best adapted in protein, plant based protein, sauce, dressings, glazes, sweet and savory fillings. MFC will appear as "corn fiber" on your ingredient statement.


AgriFiber's MFCN is the Non-GMO variety of our Multi Functional Corn Fiber. With the same functional performance properties of our MFC, MFCN is a perfect ingredient for your product solutions that must meet the Non-GMO compliance.


AgriFiber's MFCW is our whitened version of the MFC developed specifically for product applications that require transparent and neutral color for our fiber inclusion. MFCW is found predominantly in white salad dressings, mayo and sour cream based sauces, dairy applications including dips, spreads and ice cream products.