Double your yield savings and improve juiciness with AgriFiber MFC

AgriFiber MFC increases yield for meat products by up to 20% on average

When added to meat and plant-based alternative products, AgriFiber MFC, a corn bran fiber, can drastically cut costs for meat companies and enhance the quality of their products. By reducing the loss of moisture from fat and water, as well as supporting product structure, AgriFiber allows for more flavorful, juicier meat products.

In our study comparing precooked meat with and without AgriFiber MFC, we found that adding AgriFiber MFC to formulations increased yield by up to 20% on average, retaining more of the meat’s fat and juices and allowing for an overall improved texture and flavor.

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Adding AgriFiber MFC to precooked meat applications, such as frozen beef and turkey patties/sliders, can:

A green and yellow illustration of a burger with an arrow pointing up.
Reduce costs of processed
meat production by extending
yield up to 20% on average
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Reduce the environmental impact and cost of disposing fats derived from processed meat production
(Biological Oxygen Demand)
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Add dietary fiber health benefits to meat products while improving the flavor and texture of the product

Ideal applications can include:

Taco Meat

For any type of meat, including beef, turkey, pork, and more!

Ready to learn more about AgriFiber MFC in meat applications? Request our AgriFiber MFC technical sheet.

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